Hanningfield Green 


Bury St Edmunds 


IP29 4QD 

Our part of Suffolk is home to a number of churches. What, then, is so distinctive about Lawshall Evangelical Free Church?

 Perhaps it goes without saying, but Lawshall Evangelical Free Church is a Christian church. We are a family of people of various ages who have a new relationship with God through Jesus Christ and who seek to share the good news of this new relationship with others and to follow him in his plan for our lives.

Lawshall Evangelical Free Church is an evangelical church. In other words, we are deeply committed to the Bible as it is the means by which God communicates with men and women, boys and girls, today. Therefore the Bible has a relevant and trustworthy message for all people. And, so, we seek to shape our lives by the Bible's teaching, both as individuals and as a church. Because of this, teaching from the Bible is at the centre of our services.

Lawshall Evangelical Free Church is a Free or independent church, meaning that we are not part of a denomination. We believe that the Bible says that a local congregation of Christians should be "self-governing". However, we are always seeking opportunities to co-operate with other Bible-believing churches and that is why we are affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.

Lawshall Evangelical Free Church seeks to be a welcoming church, aiming to encourage real Christian fellowship, mutual concern and love between members of the congregation. We also seek to be a family church, providing for the spiritual needs of people of all ages. We are also seeking to be a community church, doing good in our local area, sharing our faith and demonstrating God's love in practical ways in our community.

Finally, we are seeking to be a mission-minded church, aiming to make Jesus known and better known, not just in Lawshall and the surrounding villages, but also in our county, nation and the whole world.

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Mission Statement

" We exist as a local church to biblically worship God, to make Jesus Christ known and to prepare all God's people for works of service to the end that God will be glorified."